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Our rate:

The first thought on people's mind when needing work done is the cost.

Each job Kelantan Iklan undertakes is priced independently, since no two are the same. This leads to a flexible pricing policy which benefits YOU.This means negotiable!.

We do free quotes, so e-mail us and ask for one! Try to include as much detail as you can as to your needs, as this helps us get a quote right first time.For details go to the Quote Request Form.


To give you an idea on our rate is:

  • Register and get Domain Name for you. (,,...), rate=US$90.00/2yrs.

  • Register and get server space for you. (25MB, 50MB, 100MB,...), rate=US$200.00/100MB/yr.

  • Design and build your website for you. (personal, business, organisation,...), rate=US$1000.00 one time payment only (first 10 pages, if more...)

  • Publish website for you.(Frontpage extension, FTP,...) rate=from US$50.00 to US$250.00) one time payment only.

  • Maintaining website for you.(cgi-bin, traffic, statistic,...) rate=varies

The package included all the above:

Rate :US$1,350.00 for the website not more than 10 pages. 

Any additional page will be charged at flat rate of US$80.00/page.


Additional service:

  • cgi-bin service

  • java scripts

  • perl scripts

  • redirect URL

  • tranfer Domain

(email us for details:


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