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Our major role in web site building makes our name stands among the top webmasters could not be denied anymore after all of our experiences and results proven.


We are now pushing our company towards a new era in web building. For those who about to web, let us be partner in building the outstanding eye catching web sites. It does not matters whether it is personal or commercial because the effort and the time consumed is almost the same.


Style is all important when you're trying to create the right impression on your clients.


What that right impression is depends very much on your business. This is something we appreciate at Kelantan Iklan. If you need classic elegance for your look, then we won't try to push you towards something very modern. Equally, when what you really need is something that just cool then a corporate style homepage is probably not what you need.


Whatever your needs, what you WILL get from us is a design that is right for you, and it will always have that "something" you're looking for, because that something is style - and we have it.


We accept any kind of web site building, registering, transfering and also maintaining.


Our expert professional will provide the best web sites of their own class and identity. This is what make our web sites unique. The web sites will be narrowed down or fine tuned to the nature of its purposes, example for business, organisation, non-profit organisation, education, discussion, bulletin board, advertisement, information or etcs.


For details, call 01-609-7437402 or e-mail us.





Kami adalah Syarikat iklan yang bersedia untuk menerima sebarang tempahan dalam pembinaan laman web anda. Kami mempunyai tenaga mahir dalam pembinaan laman web yang bermutu tinggi. Pembinaan laman web bergantung kepada 'nature of' laman web itu sendiri, samada laman web untuk berniaga, persatuan tanpa profit, ilmu, diskusi, pemberitahuan, iklan, informasi dan lain-lain lagi.


Untuk maklumat lanjut sila hubungi : 09-7437402 atau e-mail kami.

(email us for details:


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