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How to order?


First    : Email us to find out more details. or

Second: Call us at 01-609-7437402. or

Third   : Fill the form provided below to get quotation.


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web design quote request form

For an accurate quote, please answer all of these questions. We will then contact you by email.

If you are interested in using our 3D graphics, print or multimedia services, please email us details of the project.


1 What will the web site be used for?
2 How much information will be in the site?
If the site was printed out on A4 or US Letter paper, roughly how many pages would there be?
3 Do you have graphics for the site?
Do you already have graphics for the site, or would you like us to design them?
4 Do you have text copy for the site?
Do you already have all the text to go in the site, or would you like us to write it?
5 Do you have a logo?
Do you have a company logo, or would you like us to design one for you?
6 Would you like us to host the site for you?
7 Would you like us to update the site for you?
8 Would you like us to register a domain name?
9 Would you like us to register your site?
For a small additional fee we can register your site with the major search engines and directories.
10 Do you want us to redesign an existing site?

If you have an existing site, please tell us the URL:
11 What is your approximate budget for this project?
12 Optional: Additional Information
Please use this box to supply us with any further relevant information about your website or company.
13 Contact details
Your Name:
Your Email Address:
Your Telephone No:
Your Company Name:


(email us for details:


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