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Our designs are fast becoming the thing we are known best for. They are both beautiful to look at, and completely functional. All jobs receive the same level of attention from the designers - if your budget is tight, this will not be where corners are cut!

We will undertake both web and print design, and have resident experts in both areas. If you need a logo for your site that also needs to be available for 2 or 4 colour print, then look no further.


We see the code as an integral part of web design, and are well versed in the relevant languages - HTML, DHTML, javascript, java and CGI.

The code is as much part of the design process for the web as is the graphics, and at Elated it is treated as such. Forms and other functional aspects (like database integration) present no problems for our CGI wizards!


We will be happy to compose and record music for any soundtrack work you need, or to integrate with your website. CD-ROM production is also part of our design capabilities.


When you're just lost with a problem, and have to get it done in a hurry, we can help. We have been brought in even by other design companies to help them with a web strategy, or with training and specific jobs.

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